V-UP For Life!
When Terry first became an oil-free, whole-food, plant-based Vegan, he found it extremely hard finding fast, tasty and wholesome recipes anywhere.

Therefore, he decided to create his own unique dishes, using a wide mixture of herbs, spices and oil-free produce.

The result is our upcoming oil-free gourmet recipe book with avantgarde main dishes, salads with delicious oil-free salad dressings, as well as snacks, party dips, side dishes, fast food & some very energy boosting green juice recipes.

Being a very strong believer that any plant-food lifestyle needs to be well balanced in order to get an optimal health benefit out of it, Terry therefore created all his recipes with this in mind.

Study after study shows that plant-based living is not only much healthier for you long-term, but Vegetarians and Vegans generally have far fewer risks of heart disease & certain cancers.

In most cases, adopting an oil-free vegan lifestyle will reverse diabetes type 2 in a matter of weeks, and is also great in helping with weight loss in those, who are overweight or obese.

Plant-protein is the best kind of fuel for the human body and the cleanest form of food consumption.

Terry has traveled to many corners of the globe and studied different cultures and traditions. He has been a prospector, adventurer, businessman, writer & blogger amongst many other things in life. Once becoming a Vegan many years ago he quickly realized that the gourmet food options for Vegans was limited at best. So he started creating his own unique oil-free plant-based whole-foods recipes.

Herbs & spices play a big part in many of his creation, due to the fact that before modern medicine was invented many of our cures to ailment could indeed be found in many such products.

The aim of this recipe book is first and foremost for optimal health in oneself, and secondly for a better way to help our ailing planet.

Plant-based foods have in many cases the ability to reverse many of today's modern diseases and ailments.

There is far more superior protein, calcium, vitamins & minerals to be found in the plant world than the one of the animal-based one.

Truly healthy food is something that is often confused in life with marketing campaigns that endorse dairy product as essential to good health.

Remaining healthy longer is the main goal in life and plant-based living the key. Terry is a strong believer in natural products and non-processed foods, which is why he never uses ingredients such as Tofu, soy beans (GMO) or any other unfermented soy products in his meal creations.

He is also very much against negative health value foods such as white refined sugars, corn syrup, white flour, white rice, and most commercially made breads & pastas.

Hippocrates had it correct many hundreds of years ago, when he said 'Let foods be thy medicine'.

Documentaries, such as "Forks Over Knives" are living proof that many of today's modern diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, cancers and heart disease can be avoided, if we choose to follow a mostly oil-free plant-based whole-foods lifestyle.

This new recipe book is designed to turn anyone into a plant-based cooking marvel.

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